Mentor: Master Writing Skills w/ Coffee Shop workbooks and @AuthorDGC Zoom Sessions

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Speed and strengthen your new writing habit with a mentor. The Coffee Shop Writing Method is simple but powerful—if you start smart and keep moving forward.

New writers often lose their way when working alone. A mentor keeps you on track by helping you create a sustainable creativity habit.

Other reasons for working with a mentor:

  • Support helps you blast through road blocks and doubts.

  • Improve productivity by brainstorming with a pro.

  • Be accountable and you will fulfill your goals.

  • Learn more about the type of writer you are.

To succeed as a writer, learn to FINISH whatever you start. It builds confidence and pride in your skills.

Experienced writers love the feeling of finishing and then sharing their work. It

This bundle includes printed guidebooks (see below) and—

THREE 30-minute Zoom sessions (w/ video or only audio: your choice).

All Zoom sessions must be schedule within FOUR weeks of subscribing.

(Prefer SIX 15-minute sessions? That's OK. My calendar will allow you to set appointments for 15 or 30 minutes.)

These PDF Workbooks** are available for immediate download and provide practical, easy-to-master steps for creating and sustaining your writing habit :

  • How to Start Writing a Book, Article or Screenplay with Stuff You Already Have!

  • When Fiction Calls: Creative Writing Prompts for Coffee Shop Writers

  • Impress & Win a Literary Agent: Leverage 'Old School' with Social Media

  • The Memory Songbook -- "What if your favorite songs could bring back memories?" (My novel written in Coffee Shops)

Do you need to work in a coffee shop? No. The concept is a state of mind: stay mobile and make use of small portions of time often.

To fulfill your writing dreams you don't need to earn a college degree. Start with simple methods that build confidence and eventually reveal your style and voice.

** Full course descriptions can be found in the individual postings of each PDF.

Who is Douglas Glenn Clark?

I began my career as a playwright, then became a journalist for daily newspapers, including the Los Angeles Daily News. I'm also a ghostwriter and a published author of fiction and nonfiction. Through the years I've learned how to overcome blocks, gather rough pieces of writing and organize them into clear, polished articles and books. Allow me to share what I've learned about feeling stuck.

Don't let fear stop you from becoming the writer you know you are. Once you get started, you won't want to stop.

Wishing you every success!

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Mentor: Master Writing Skills w/ Coffee Shop workbooks and @AuthorDGC Zoom Sessions

0 ratings