902 Brewing Co Presents Hollywood in Jersey City!

Douglas Glenn Clark
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Do you have a MOVIE or TV PILOT idea? But don't know how to write the screenplay?  

The key to your success is learning to write a hot, funny or dramatic scene. Before you can write a strong screenplay, practice by writing individual scenes -- small pieces of your great idea.  

Join 902 Brewing Company for Hollywood in Jersey City. A free workshop that teaches scene writing. 

Who is the teacher?

Hi. I began as a playwright, became a journalist for daily newspapers, and then co-created several TV pilots for NBC and CBS. 

Those projects did not make it to your TV screen, but they taught me a lot.

But so did my playwriting skills, which earned  me many writing grants from arts councils in Michigan, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Then I saw this headline in the New York Times: "Playwrights are Finding Television Money Helps Pay the Bills."

Of course! If you can write a unique, colorful, tender, violent, surprising or heartbreaking scene -- Hollywood might want you.

Sounds easy, but the truth is we need to master the writing skills needed to create the types of scenes that grab your attention on Netflix or Amazon Video or Hulu.  Right?

That's why I've created this workshop. Let's focus on small but essential elements of your writing. If you are a novelist, poet, copywriter -- or you are new to the writing game -- you will enjoy July 11 at 902 Brewing Co.

What Will We Do? 

I'll bring sample scenes written by experienced screenwriters. We'll read them aloud to get a feel for the craft.

Then I'll share some insights about what makes each scene click. And how one scene leads to the next to create a full film or TV episode.

Then we will write. Yes. This is not a chat. This is a writing workshop designed to help you understand and master scene writing for TV, Film and Stage plays.

PLEASE: Don't signup if you can't commit!

I know. This sounds rude. But I can only help so many writers at one time. And I must plan for the event with print-outs, etc. I want to help people who are truly into expanding their creative writing horizons.

Commit. Sign up then Show up! 

Are you eager to learn?

Can you share your writing with a community of writers who want to get better and better?


Monday July 11 @ 6:00 pm

Bring pen and paper or laptop. We are going to write!

Can wait to meet you!

—Douglas Glenn Clark  

I am the recipient of multiple writing grants from arts councils in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Michigan. Did I say that already? I also ghostwrite fiction, nonfiction and screenplays. I am a graduate of the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater and toured in John Houseman's The Acting Company (Juilliard School). I consult with new and experienced writers.



  • Time & Place details for the July 11 workshop!

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  • Time & Place details for the July 11 workshop!
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902 Brewing Co Presents Hollywood in Jersey City!

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