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Wannabe 2 Writer in 60 minutes: How to Overcome the Resistance that Holds You Back!

Douglas GC
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You know you want to be a writer. But you have not started, or you started and then stopped. I know why.

Many creative writers fail to launch because of massive fear and self-doubt. So-called "rational" thoughts suggest that they are nuts to begin. Ridiculous.

Even friends and family can be enemies: Get a job! There's no money in writing. But what about your family?

Creativity of all kinds -- music, dance, performance, painting, writing -- is often bombarded with these messages because, at first, it is not a practical pursuit. It does not promise an immediate paycheck, or other kinds of gratification.

Yet when we say "no" to our urges to be creative, we are surrendering to conventions that stop men and women worldwide from fulfilling deep needs, destiny, and maybe even success. Such as, respect from others and money in the bank.

No promises. That's what the mind shouts at us when we begin. True. Life itself cannot promise anything -- unless we launch.

Author Steven Pressfield has written the best books about RESISTANCE. He reminds us that this force is invisible, insidious and impersonal. It doesn't care about you. Its advice is not wise or compassionate. Quite the opposite. It is a lie.

My goal with this course is to move you past self-doubt so that you can begin writing—and love what you do. Below, I clarify how I can help.

From wannabe-to-writer happens in four 15-minute Zoom sessions--only audio, if you prefer.

#1: Let's dissect what stops you from beginning. Even the most experienced writers face resistance. Once we know your symptoms, I'll share methods that help you breakthrough.

#2: Read aloud pieces of the writing you've done since the first session. A sentence, a paragraph, a list of ideas. Don't be embarrassed. This writing will likely be rough and unruly -- but well worth the effort. We'll finish with a simple assignment.

#3: In this session, we use the material you created from the assignment to begin shaping something more refined -- a scene, short chapter of a novel or nonfiction book, or blog post, for example. We learn how to revise the rough and unruly writing you've done. Assignment: Choose a simple project you can finish in a week.

#4: Read a portion of the finished assignment. Hearing your words out loud will help you revise your writing as you continue to be productive. To conclude, we'll review breakthrough methods for fulfilling your author launch.

PLEASE NOTE: All 4 Zoom sessions must be completed within 20 days of purchase date.

Here's how we launch: I'll send you a link to my calendar so that you can schedule a first session. Please don't schedule all 4 sessions on the same day. You'll need time to fulfill assignments and understand whatever is holding you back.


The complete Coffee Shop Writing bundle!

  • How to Start Writing a Book
  • When Fiction Calls
  • How to Impress an Agent
  • The Memory Songbook

Every writer faces roadblocks. Cohort support is the best and fastest way to breakthrough.

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Wannabe 2 Writer in 60 minutes: How to Overcome the Resistance that Holds You Back!

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