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When Fiction Calls—Launch!

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Is Your Novel or Short Story Collection Ready to Happen? 

Part 2 of the builds on the lessons taught in "How to Start a Book, Article or Screenplay" by focusing on creating writing prompts and methods for fiction. 

In this 19-page workbook is designed to help you overcome writers block and start writing. I share personal challenges and the creative writing prompts I used to write my novel You'll discover strategies and techniques for shaping your first draft and then polishing your story so that it can be published.

Do you have a novel or screenplay you began but could not finish? Let's go back to that material with a fresh plan for using what is best in your writing and blending it with new dimensions.

The paradoxical method of is an important element for moving forward and imagining new scenes and characters for your story. 

I also go into the details of my game plan for dealing with the emotional ups and downs of creating your fiction. You'll have glorious days of near endless creativity and dark days when you doubt your story. This is typical and a maddening cycle you can overcome -- with a plan.

Another unique aspect of the is using the time you have -- even if it means stealing small portions of your day and week to move forward. It is not necessary to be a "full time" writer to make progress. In fact, in the beginning, it may be liberating to write only for yourself in the time that you have.

The contents of is divided into two sections!

These initial steps encourage you to gather what you have, while also borrowing from other projects.  The second section explores goes deeper into the emotional aspects of writing fiction while sprinting toward the finish line. There will always be more to do, so get on track early and stick to the plan.

Fiction Creation Strategies: 

Seminal Events

Plan the Work, Work the Plan

Challenges, Setbacks, New Rules

Fiction Expansion Strategies: 

Mood Swings, Adapting to Circumstances

Titles, Revising, Editing

Find Your Form 

Who is Coffee Shop Writer for?

My methods are designed to help new writers begin and experienced writers finish a challenging project by going back to some basics. These simple methods fast-track your writing goals. Just print out the work book, or work through the lessons on your laptop with this fillable PDF.

Is This the Year of Your Novel or Short Story Collection?
To begin, all you really need is the itch to write. Do you have a story you tell? The need to share your story is the fuel that will light your way.  Master these simple techniques to fulfill your urge to become a writer.

Who is Douglas Glenn Clark?

I began my career as a playwright, then became a journalist for daily newspapers, including the Los Angeles Daily News. I'm also a ghostwriter and a published author of fiction and nonfiction. Through the years I've learned how to overcome blocks, gather rough pieces of writing and organize them into clear, polished articles and books. Allow me to share what I've learned about feeling stuck.

Don't let fear stop you from becoming the writer you know you are. Once you get started, you won't want to stop.

Wishing you every success!

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This 19-page printable workbook leads you through the steps you must take to begin and finish a work of fiction. This is the second course in the Coffee Shop Writer Series.

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When Fiction Calls—Launch!

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