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How to Start a Book! (or Article or Screenplay or blog) with Stuff You Already Have!

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Writers block happens when new authors fear their writing won't be any good, or they don't know what to write about. Or they want to make a living as a "full-time writer" and don't have a clue how to make that happen.

Your productivity will make it happen!

My 20-page workbook provides simple and fun writing prompts and methods for creating fiction, nonfiction,  screenplays, poems or articles by gathering all the "stuff" you've created for other reasons. I use them all the time and believe you'll benefit. 

We don't hesitate to write tweets, Instagram posts, emails or diary entries. It is only when we say "I want to be a writer" that we cramp up and worry. My Coffee Shop Writer Series helps you soar over hurdles to enjoy your free, fun creativity. 

Coffee Shop Writers Stay Mobile

You don't need a writing room or even your own desk to begin. Stay mobile. Grab 10 to 30 minutes in a coffee shop or on a park bench. 

Print out your workbook and make notes on those pages, or work with the course on your laptop -- it is a PDF with fillable spaces.

Your mobility helps keep the writing natural and without anxiety. Find new spaces to explore your art. Avoid staring at a blank page with the Coffee Shop Writers workbook.

  • Do you scribble notes on napkins, scraps of paper or whatever is available? That stuff is gold. Hold onto it.
  • Do you have a purpose for becoming a writer? Or a purpose writing a particular project? Great. We'll use that to keep you on track.
  • Do you have crazy dreams and daydreams? Jot them down quickly. They are telling you something about your genius.

Each section of the Coffee Shop Writer workbook is concise and includes simple tasks to get you started. Once you have read the contents, go back and do each step. Action builds confidence. It is a great feeling to finish what you begin!

Creation Strategies: Make it Happen

  • Starting Here, Starting Now
  • Chapter Creation
  • Story Force!
  • Your Rough Draft
  • Summary
  • Create a Book, Article or Screenplay
  • Move Forward with Short Tasks
  • Second Draft
  • Essential Next Step
  • Summary

Continue Creating: Social Media, Purpose and Crazy Dreams

  • New Social Media, Purpose & Crazy Dreams
  • Make Sequences
  • The Driving Force of Purpose
  • The Multi-Purpose Method
  • Do You Have Crazy Dreams?
  • Screenwriter Welcomes “Anything”
  • Master Simple Techniques
  • In Conclusion: Never Stop

Who is Coffee Shop Writer for?

My methods are designed to help new writers begin and experienced writers finish a challenging project by going back to some basics. These simple methods fast-track your writing goals.

Who is Douglas Glenn Clark?

I began my career as a playwright, then became a journalist for daily newspapers, including the Los Angeles Daily News. I'm also a ghostwriter and a published author of fiction and nonfiction. Through the years I've learned how to overcome blocks, gather rough pieces of writing and organize them into clear, polished articles and books. Allow me to share what I've learned about feeling stuck.

Don't let fear stop you from becoming the writer you know you are. Once you get started, you won't want to stop.

Wishing you every success!

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How to Start a Book! (or Article or Screenplay or blog) with Stuff You Already Have!

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